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We collaborate with innovative founding teams to design compelling value propositions and winning go-to-market strategies.

Design Sprints 101

What is a design sprint?

To reduce the risk of bringing a new product, service, or feature to the market, we use a 5-phase, time-constrained process based on design thinking. With a design sprint from The Right Box, you can:

Ask the right questions

Design sprints excel at “wicked problems” — the thorny challenges so complicated that it is unclear what we’re even trying to solve.

Find new opportunities to pursue

Locate new markets to tap into by using your product or service’s existing capabilities in creative new ways.

Launch a new product

Starting with an untapped market opportunity, you can go from vague idea to validated hypothesis in less than one week.

Bring clarity your product

Align your team around a cohesive product definition: the customer, the value proposition, the business model, and the strategy for getting it to market fast.

Add new features to a digital product

While there is rarely a shortage of ideas of things to add, it is seldom clear what to prioritize — nor how to best implement the most important ideas.

Design a new user experience

A sprint helps teams pick the best bet from the near-infinite approaches to any design challenge, rapidly prototype it, and test it in front of real customers in less than a week.

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Our Process

How does a design sprint from The Right Box work?

With a large box of design thinking tools at our disposal, we work with your team to understand your situation and determine the correct combination and sequence of tools to drive forward momentum — right now. It’s pretty easy:

Step 1:Get in touch with our team and help us understand where you are and where you want to go.

Step 2:We create a custom Design Sprint to help you take the first big leap down that path.

Step 3:Our facilitators get in the (physical or virtual) room with your team for an intensive, multi-day session.

Step 4:Armed with the clarity of the right next step, your team charges forth down that path — and we’re always here to help.

Who We Are

Why The Right Box?

We're a diverse team of entrepreneurs, innovators, design thinkers, and instigators of change whose driving philosophy is that every team already has everything they need to innovate. We started The Right Box to help motivated leaders activate it.

Over the years, our team has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, and we've had the extraordinary privilege of being an integral part of the journeys of more than 100 startups. And we're just getting started.

Entrepreneurs are our people. It's who we are. It's in our blood.

So we spend our days collaborating with startups and corporate teams to help them create amazing products and innovate on their business models — faster, with less friction, and with lower risk.

The right box?

The most common and least helpful advice in the business world is to “think outside the box”, because that only tells you what not to do. Fortunately, the world is built on patterns, and creativity is unleashed through the power of constraints. So innovation is not about thinking outside the box, but about finding the right box in which to think.

And our passion is helping teams find their box. Are you ready to find yours?

What our customers say

Without the team from The Right Box, our product wouldn't exist — or, at least, it wouldn't be very good. You guys always know the right questions to ask.


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We are always looking for innovators, facilitators, designers, and other creative problem solvers to join our growing team. If you want to be part of helping leaders incite innovation in their teams, we should talk.

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