How to KILL your startup: a guide

Here's a slideshow of six common ways to absolutely tank your startup.

Whether you have a crippling fear of failure or just like to watch the world burn, if you follow this simple guide, then I guarantee your startup will find its end as an epic dumpster fire.

Here are six of the most common ways to kill your startup:

  1. Fall heels-over-head in love with your idea.

  2. Think you are your customer.

  3. Don’t launch until it’s perfect.

  4. Require funding just to get started.

  5. Be scalable from day one.

  6. Treat co-founders like mercenaries.

What each of these has in common is a fear of failure. It's normal to try to avoid being vulnerable by covering it up with certainty (like in numbers 2 and 5) and by keeping things to yourself (as in 1 and 3).

But failure is data. Make small, appropriately-sized bets — and make them quickly. A quick, sharp "no" is far preferable to a long, dull one. Ironically, avoiding the pain just prolongs it.

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Published 7 months ago

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