Before doing it right, make sure you're doing the right thing

Slideshow: many innovations fail because we try to be efficient before we should.

Many startups fail by trying to be efficient before they're effective. It's critical to ensure you’re doing the right thing before trying to do the thing right.⁠

Before efficiency comes efficacy. And design thinking can help us out here.

Finding efficacy is jumping through three hoops:⁠

  1. Is it desirable? Do people even want this?⁠

  2. Is it viable? Is this worth building?⁠

  3. Is it feasible? Can & should we pull this off?⁠

Once you find efficacy, getting efficient is relatively easy. Efficiency is for the B Team. Innovators are on the A Team.⁠

Do you have compelling evidence that you’re doing the right thing? Until then, don't worry about doing it right. It just doesn't matter.⁠

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Published 8 months ago

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