Doing the right thing before doing things right

Many startups fail by trying to be efficient before they're effective. In this episode of the podcast, ensure you’re doing the right thing before trying to do the thing right — and design thinking can help us out here.

Too often, early in an entrepreneurial or other innovative effort, we resist doing inefficient things. It often goes against our nature. So we create tools & processes to save ourselves effort, and then we spend time & energy refining those tools & processes.

The problem is that the nature of doing innovative things is that we don’t actually know what we’re doing yet! We have an hypothesis, but that’s all it is.

So we’re literally spending time getting efficient at something that we don’t know is the right thing to get efficient at. 

This is the efficiency trap. And design thinking can get us out.

JDM references the Startup Shop Talk live show on the top ten best ways to test your business model.


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Published 3 months ago

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